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AboutCUNY Tech Prep

Students attending CTP orientation
Students attending CTP orientation.

CUNY Tech Prep was established in 2015 to serve computer science and computing students from the 11 four-year CUNY Colleges that are preparing to enter the workforce. Students accepted into CTP each academic year participate in a program designed to prepare them for the challenges of the job search and technical work in the industry.

The curriculum is designed around three pillars:

Industry Insight:

  • Our technical curriculum offers two tracks: full stack web development using modern JavaScript and data science using Python. The curriculums are developed, evaluated, and taught by industry experts.
  • In both tracks, students work in teams to design, develop, and deploy projects where they learn and apply tools, concepts, and processes — Git, TDD and automated testing, CI/CD, agile, web security, etc. — desired by high-tech employers.

Project Experience with Industry Mentorship

  • Students work in teams on projects they propose, design, and implement. Each team is assigned a mentor that supervises the work, introduces the software development life cycle and best practices, and performs code reviews.
  • CTP instructors, TA's, and mentors all have extensive current and past industry experience as software engineers and data scientists.

Professional Development

It takes more than technical skills to land a job in tech! That's why CUNY Tech Prep takes a holistic approach to professional development. Our fellows have access to:

  • 1:1 Career Coaching, including behavioral interview practice In-class workshops led by our career coaches on topics such as networking, project pitching, job search strategy, resumes, and communication skills
  • Mock technical interviews conducted by industry professionals
  • Workshops led by industry professionals
  • Assistance with crafting technical resumes

CTP is supported by CISDD (CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development) and NYC TTP (New York City Tech Talent Pipeline).